The Rise of Gin Sales in Pubs & What the Future Holds

24th August 2018

The drinks market is in the midst of a gin boom with sales of the spirit soaring. According to The Wine and Spirit Trade Association, in the year ending March 2018, UK gin sales rose by 28% in volume and by 33% in value compared to the previous year to reach £1.5 billion. Double-digit growth has happened consistently over the past three years. It’s a drink that has captured attention, and with an ever-expanding audience and no plateau in sight, the future seems bright for the spirit.


With over 6 million people drinking at home, the attraction is more apparent than ever and is still expanding. The drink has penetrated every customer demographic, from the younger generation of so-called ‘ginsters’, to male drinkers and prosecco enthusiasts. This new found popularity has led to 29% of drinkers voting it their favourite drink, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to think about how you can use the trend to your advantage.




The Growth and Popularity of Gin


The rise of gin has been swift. Pubs need to be proactive in their approach and stock gins that not only please the mainstream but also appeal to the premium and super-premium markets. Keep on top of the trend by looking out for new and upcoming gins and also flavours that are in fashion.


The gin boom journey has taken many different paths. From classic gins and heritage brands becoming more popular, the trend has moved into the realm of botanicals and spice infused gins. The current position of gin is all about flavours and colour. The choice is now so varied that the introduction of new brands, flavours and combinations seem endless.


Customer Habits


Customers expect variety these days so they can have the ultimate experience that feels personal to them. With customer habits continuing to change, it’s important to keep an eye on what your drinkers are looking for.


Keep premiumisation in mind and trust that customers are willing to pay for quality offerings. Be sure to have a gin bar that’s clear to see and displays well-known brands alongside the more innovative and newer names. Remember to provide your customer with the perfect serve that includes the correct garnish and glass, either balloon or goblet, to complete the premium experience.




The Latest Gin Trends in 2018


The current big trend in the gin world is the explosion of flavours and colour. From the rhubarb and ginger combination to the more inventive and wonderful Parma Violet flavoured gin, there seems no end to what we could see next. These flavours have become the entry point for many new drinkers to gin due to their accessible and sweeter tastes.


It’s not just about the flavour, the look and colour of gin for many drinkers are equally as important. Think pink, drink pink gin! It’s the must drink spirit of the moment, and with its fun visual appeal, many brands are having great success. Another new flavour that’s been popular this summer is the Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla with its vibrant orange notes capturing the essence of summer.


Mixer Power


The rise in premium tonic has been substantial, with brands like Fever Tree having sales that match the success of gin trading figures. Choosing a matching tonic is just as important as your choice of gin and finding flavours which complement each other and don’t overpower is key. Don’t just think you can only use tonic, why not partner your gin with ginger ale or lemonade? With the measuring of two-thirds tonic to one-third gin, it’s a highly important part of the drink!




What’s next for Gin?


There are no signs of sales slowing down, so pubs need to keep up with the momentum and discover what else could make a big impact in the ‘ginosphere’. With the heavyweights still standing strong against the newcomers, it’s definitely an exciting time ahead.


Top Five Selling Gins in Thwaites Pubs:

1. Gordons
2. Whitley Neill Rhubarb and Ginger
3. Bombay Sapphire
4. Gordons Pink
5. Brockmans


Overall, the gin trend has been monumental in its movement, taking the drinking landscape by storm. With sales figures pointing upwards, gin is in touching distance of becoming a £2bn industry in the UK.


The future of the gin market is impossible to predict, but with the ever-growing addition of new flavours and blends, drinks-makers will be aware of market saturation. In terms of flavours, will the creation of more inventive and unusual flavour combinations continue, or will the dwindle-effect happen with gin drinkers wanting to resurrect the original gin and tonics again?


For the time being, sales of gin continue to go from strength to strength. Gin’s continual adaptability and ability to capture and retain such a large drinking audience is impressive and only time will tell what the future holds for the nation’s favourite spirit.