How To Make Your Pub More Eco-Friendly

3rd October 2018

A monumental shift has happened this year with continuing news about the damaging effects of plastics on the environment and what we can all do to reduce usage and be more environmentally friendly in our everyday lives. Pubs and hospitality establishments need to be looking to the future now and implementing initiatives and processes to support this movement.


For pub owners, it’s time to look forward and get ahead of the game. Standing out as an eco-pub could help you attract more customers instead of losing them. With the UK having an estimated 5 million tonnes of plastic waste annually, there’s a growing pressure to introduce more sustainable and eco-friendly policies. There’s no better time than now so read on for a variety of ideas you can implement to start making your pub more eco-friendly.



Rid Your Pub of Plastic Straws

Removing straws from your bar is an immediate way to cut down on your pub’s plastic consumption and is a relatively easy process to carry out. Don’t think you can’t have straws at all, as an abundance of substitutes have come to the market to replace the traditional plastic version. Materials including paper, metal and even wheat are the go-to alternatives for many pubs. It’s an effective way to reduce single-use plastic consumption instantly, and is fast becoming a requirement for today’s pub clientele.

Saving Energy

Another implementation that’s simple and effective for both an eco-pub and for the environment, is the saving of energy. Introducing small changes such as turning off appliances when not in use or having timed lighting are a couple of easy ways in which to switch to a greener and more eco-friendly operation. Also, take into consideration seasonal weather conditions and having temperature settings that can react to the change. With more awareness and simple training for your staff, it’s another way to have not only a positive impact on your utility costs but also the environment.



Reducing Food Waste

For food-led pubs, cutting down on food waste is where huge improvements can be made. The average pub’s food waste cost is approximately £8,000 per year, so it’s time to take action. Generally, food waste breaks down to; food preparation 45%, customer plates 34% and spoiling 21%. To combat this, why not try offering a selection of portion sizes, so there’s choice for your customer. This means the main sized portion isn’t the sole option, which could decrease the amount wasted.

Provide the addition of ‘sides’ where customers can build and have exactly what they want on their plate. The choice is with them. Even box it up and allow customers to take leftovers home, of course in a biodegradable box. For your chefs, why not get them to implement the ‘root to shoot’ policy and try to use as much of any ingredient as possible, it’s one of the best ways to cut down on food preparation wastage. Also think about investing in a compost bin for food disposal.

Making sustainable choices

Maintaining an eco-friendly approach and developing your commitment is vital in the long-term. With initiatives in place, promote your belief in the eco-movement. Add content to social feeds and share your improvements to highlight your pub and and get people to visit and experience what you offer. Train staff on the changes you make so they can deliver and inform your customers with confidence; it looks excellent and professional.



Get your customers involved

Throw an eco–friendly evening for your customers to celebrate all things going green. What better way to get people involved and invested in your pub’s forward-thinking than this kind of event. Supply bamboo cutlery and plates, compostable cups, and any biodegradable decorations to showcase the capability of eco products. It’s a great way to celebrate your pub and to come together with your customers as a community motivated to tackle the reduction of plastic in everyday lives.


Having a greener, more environmentally-friendly pub with a positive message at its heart is important for businesses in the future. By being more aware and implementing some of these initiatives, you could grow your customer base and also send out a positive message to your community that you are invested in making a change for future generations.