Tenant Testimonials

Becky and Stephen
Grey Mare, Belthorn, Lancashire

This year we are celebrating 25 years at the Grey Mare, and have to say it has gone in the blink of an eye. We have had pubs previously with other breweries and Thwaites are the best. For support, advice and their service. We highly recommend to anyone thinking of taking a pub. Here’s to many more years with Thwaites

Sam and Eric
The Crown, Garstang, Lancashire

We have had a tenancy with Thwaites for over 4 years now, coming from a managed Pub background previously. Moving to a tenancy has given us the opportunity to not only manage a Pub but to run our own business in our own way. Thwaites have provided a full package of support through the recruitment process, the Licensee induction training and the ongoing support of the ABM. There is a full team to support and encourage you to drive your business forward with marketing, website development, social media and advise how to improve your food and drinks offers. You have the backing of an established family brewery with the freedom to make the Pub and business your own.

Clock Face, Prescot, Merseyside

Thwaites have been supportive from the start, the whole team including Andrew, our ABM and all the support team. They’ve invested in the pub and we were involved in the designs and planning throughout. We’re proud to be part of the pub and the community it serves.

Mark and Angela
Blue Bell, Worksop, Nottinghamshire

Thwaites had the same values in their family business, that we wanted for our own pub business. They’ve provided ongoing support, which has allowed our business to grow.

Black Dog, Oswaldtwisle, Lancashire

I found the whole process off taking the dog on absolutely amazing, everyone from recruitment was so supportive and open with myself. I felt a part of the Thwaites family from day one. Since taking over in February 2022, the support has been phenomenal. From my BDM being on call 24/7 to being able to ring someone at the brewery for anything we need. Thwaites is definitely a company I love working with and look forward to a bright future with them.

John and Cassie
Old Horns, High Bradfield, South Yorkshire

We became tenants with Thwaites in 2002, it was our first venture into running our own business. Having a brewery like Thwaites backing you has given us the confidence to run successful businesses for 21 years. They know our names rather than just a pub name, it’s a partnership. We’ve were supported throughout the pandemic and the support has continued during the cost of living crisis. Thwaites acknowledge that each pub and business operation is unique. A great relationship with our Area Manager is key, but with same face for 13 years helps, she knows my business. They also have the brands to keep in front of competitors.