How Your Pub Can Make the Most of Summer

6th August 2018

With the summer blistering onwards and temperatures set to stay at glorious highs, take inspiration from our tips and make this season one of your pubs best yet. With sun-drenched days seemingly never-ending, we Brits are always eager to celebrate and spend time with family and friends when the sun is shining. Read our tips below for some ideas on how your pub can make the most of the glorious summer weather; it’s looking likely to be one of the hottest on record!


The Great British Beer Garden


Beer gardens are always a hotspot for pub goers and summer is the season where you’ll definitely see an increase in footfall. Make sure to maintain and check on the appearance of your outdoor area and tackle the simple tasks first. From tidying up the paint job, cleaning your patios or cutting the grass, these are the basic improvements that can make such a difference. A clean and presentable space is only going to attract more customers. Make sure you have enough well-maintained tables, chairs, benches and of course umbrellas to make your customers as comfortable as possible.


A British summer isn’t without rain so have a contingency plan for temperamental weather. Sheltered areas such as verandas or huts can provide your guests with cover, and heaters and blankets can be a nice touch when the summer heat fades in the evening. Smaller lights add a friendly ambience so be strategic in where you place them to keep your customers coming back.


With instagrammability now a top priority, customers are on the lookout for picturesque places to capture their perfect summer shots. Add hanging baskets or if you have a pergola, decorate fully to create attractive surroundings ideal for your customers to relax in. Water rotas will be an essential additional duty for your team to keep your garden blooming and looking the best it can.




Sporting Events


It’s been a belter of a summer for sport with the recent World Cup and England’s successful campaign to the semi-finals bringing unity and good cheer to the country. It was a monumental few weeks for the pub industry with everyone getting together and celebrating the success of the national team with a drink in hand and providing pubs with an enormous boost in sales.


Keep the good spirit going in your pub and capitalise with the start of the Premier League on Friday, August 10th. Manchester United v Leicester City is the first game of the season and is the perfect opportunity to attract people into your pub. Football fever is at an all-time high so start the countdown early with promotional displays to capture the buzz. Plus with cricket season in full swing, there’s still an alternative option for other sports enthusiasts to get involved.


Food + Drink


For your food service, keep it simple with classic summer dishes and boards of delicious sharing platters. These will prove popular with pub goers looking for sociable food and lighter options to eat with their friends and family. Of course, al-fresco dining is a big selling point in summer so make sure you extend your offering where you can.


One-off events such as a BBQ can be excellent for capturing the spirit of summer. It’s a great way to get people out and experiencing your pub. Drinks can be exciting too, and you can really offer a mix of flavours and choices to your customers. Dial up the summer flavours with a variety of gin, Pimms, Aperol spritz, ciders and lighter ales.






With the school holidays having recently started, families can be a key group for your business, and they can also become loyal returning customers. Be aware of the additional factors that will appeal to a family. Crayons and paper on your tables can be a great way of keeping younger children entertained. Child-friendly menu options, high chairs and even a small play area can be the reasons a family picks your establishment over a competitor. Older children will be after something different, so the ever-handy free Wi-Fi for constant social connections is key here. For family entertainment, have a stash of board games to hand too.






There’s still time to organise a late summer fayre or market to create a one-off event at your pub. It’s a fantastic way to bring together a large group of people and local businesses to create a thriving community spirit. You don’t even have to go big; you could keep it simple by adapting your current events; take your live music nights or a summer quiz outdoors.






From the countryside to the town, whatever your location, there’s plenty you can offer to your punter. Town pubs can work on forming a strong community spirit, holding regular events, or becoming the secret sanctuary away from the busy surroundings.


For country pubs, showcase your environment and the rural appeal that you can offer. Long walks with your pub as a stop-off, a dog-friendly approach, planned cycle routes, and that idyllic British location in the English countryside.




This recent spell of sunshine has meant the staycation’s rise has continued to grow, giving you the landlord, added opportunities to drive more business this summer. So with the final weeks of the season upon us and with seemingly no let-up in record-breaking temperatures, try and make the most of these summer opportunities in your pub to give yourself a final boost in what has already been a fantastic period