Pub Trends 2018 –
What’s In Store This Year?

9th March 2018

As with anything, keeping up with the latest trends will keep you one step ahead of the game and we thought it’d be a good idea to let you know what we think is going to be big in the pub industry in 2018. We’ve compiled a list of seven pub trends that are going to be everywhere this year; from the trending words of the moment to ways to change and develop, it’s looking like a busy year is ahead. We hope that you’ll take on some of these trends, and be able to make 2018 a great year!



Premiumisation in Pubs


Premiumisation is the ‘it’ word of the moment; its premise is to lift your pub to the next level by offering more premium options. Today’s customers have high expectations, so upgrade and move away from basic price and service levels. One of the great advantages of pubs is their bespoke environments and atmospheres, so use that originality! Incorporating Premiumisation across the entire pub is essential, but you must guarantee a consistent approach so that every area is seamless in look and approach.


The continual active nature of Premiumisation means that required standards constantly rise. If your premium goods stay the same for too long, they may become the norm, rather than being something different and exciting for customers. Always keep things moving and you’ll see the benefits of additional revenue and ultimately the maximisation of your pubs potential. With increasingly innovative and aspirational pub tenants looking for opportunities, a healthy and progressive competitor field has been created which means challenges to boundaries and rigid pub definitions. It’s a trend that isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon!





World Cup Month (14th June 2018 – 15th July 2018)


It’s the year of one of the most famous sporting events in the world and for a month this summer, you’ll have fantastic opportunities to promote specific promotions geared to this special tournament that only comes round once every four years. As with any sporting event, you’ll need to plan out the tournament period as it’s essential to maximise your offering on match nights, especially when games take place midweek. Try and target specific fixtures throughout the tournament which you think will prove the busiest.


The first England game is on Monday 18th June and it’s a day to be ready with a plan. Create a great atmosphere in your pub, and make it attractive and comfortable for fans to watch the match. Think about any offers you can run so there’s always a drink in your customers’ hands. It’s a month-long opportunity that’s unique to 2018 so do it right, and you could see a great return.



The Continuing Rise of Gin and Premium Mixers


In 2017, the popularity of gin soared and growth is set to continue in 2018 with more people turning to the spirit. The continued rise has meant that pubs have had to have their fingers on the pulse with the variety they offer as people are now more likely to try a new gin regularly, rather than simply sticking to what they know.


Try to incorporate an impressive gin bar into your present bar and provide encouragement to your customers with a display of what you offer. This transparency is an excellent way of promoting your gins and any specials you may have. Don’t forget about premium mixers too as they are only going to get bigger in 2018. Keep an eye out on dark rum over the coming year too!







Bringing your pub into the 21st century is more relevant as a trend than ever before as we move further into the digital era. Adapt and give your pub the best accessibility by providing complimentary Wi-Fi, which is now in high demand in public places. Upgrade to contactless payment to provide more options and ease for customers to pay. Social media is a massive opportunity for any pub, and having profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will give you a broader audience reach and the ability to promote the evolution of your pub instantly and regularly.





Craft Ale


The resurgence of cask ale and the variety available is continuing to grow. Demographic figures show the changing nature and attraction to ale drinking, with younger people and women switching to the drink. Customers are looking for a greater experience when drinking and are after quality over quantity so with Thwaites supplied ales to your pubs you’ll have the perfect combination for this trend with unique, hand brewed ale to serve.







In recent times, food has been in high demand in pubs and expectations for it have increased. The 2018 way of approaching food is ‘waste not, want not’ with an awareness of stock and food use, and generally not wasting food during services. In terms of the food itself, sharing platters and plates have become a big trend. Think about how it allows groups to share quality food, chat, drink and have a collaborative experience in your pub. This manner of eating is a way to incorporate food into your pub easily as platters are quick to create, require little or no cooking and will give you the opportunity to use locally sourced produce. Remember, offering food is extra income for you, so a great benefit for all!





Pub Flexibility


Pubs need to understand flexibility and the need to accommodate the ever-changing requests of their users. Whatever the event, whether a baby shower, christening party or birthday, people are becoming more in tune with the idea of a unique and intimate experience.


Be flexible in your approach to your customers whether it’s for locals, or visitors to the area simply looking for a place to eat. Make every experience the best you can as you never know if they’ll become regulars! Pubs can be at the centre of many communities, so embrace and elevate this spirit as studies have shown that people are more satisfied with life when they have a pub in the area. By having a more flexible and changeable style, your business is going to flourish and provide excellent value to your customers.



The outlook for this year is incredibly positive, and these trends will show you how to think bigger and enable you to push your business further and strengthen it as the year progresses. We hope you’ll agree, 2018 is an exciting year to be in a pub!


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