Premiumisation and Your Pub

6th April 2018

2018 is well underway, and in the pub industry one word seems to be trending everywhere; ‘Premiumisation’. If you’ve heard the word, but you’re unsure what it means for your business, we’ve put together some need to know information and handy tips and advice to show you how premiumisation can help you improve your pub.


What is Premiumisation?


Let’s go back to basics and talk about what premiumisation actually is! The premise is to lift your pub to the next level and offer your customers more premium options. More pubs are starting to incorporate high quality, premium features to help develop their business. Customers are attracted to these establishments that have their own personality and feel just that little bit more special.


The attitudes and habits of customers are constantly evolving with premium choices and service, a now top priority. It’s about quality over quantity with customers willing to spend money if they can be guaranteed a high level of service and a great experience. It really is the birth of ‘the modern pub’ with today’s generation of pub-goers expecting more than just a traditional experience.



Premiumisation Tips for Your Pub


First things first, if you’re thinking of adding some premium features to your pub, you have to know your business inside out and understand what will work in your property. We’d recommend a consistent approach across all areas as it will create a professional look and feel throughout your entire business. More importantly, it’ll give you the durability and engagement factor from the very beginning. Remember that with Thwaites you’ll have premium values that are unique to your business and you’ll have an established heritage that’s great to promote.


Offer High Service Levels


Giving a high standard of service to your customers is integral to any pub business as it can enable you to expand and strengthen your customer base. Have a team of staff that are knowledgeable about your products and offers, engage with your customers and ultimately are excited to come to work. Gone are the days of simply serving drinks. To offer premium service, staff need to interact with customers and truly understand the pub’s offering.



Premium Pub Features


Pub features have great pulling power, which if attractive and on the mark, can maximise a business’s potential and ultimately success. In many surveys, the highest scoring factor that people look for in an establishment is the Wi-Fi, its speed connectivity, and whether it’s free or not. It’s one of the most thought about and necessary elements that any business can offer from a customer point of view.


Provide free Wi-Fi and display the password creatively on a chalkboard so that customers have easy access to the service and can connect without hassle. Shareable moments are a big part of modern life and being able to post online instantly is an opportunity not to be missed, especially when it comes to the topic of food and drink.


Weekdays can be some of your most lucrative, so think about introducing quizzes, food offerings and music nights. These nights can be very popular with customers and add some excitement to the week. Produce organised, professional nights as customers are more likely to return to a well-planned evening.



Premiumisation of Alcohol & Soft Drinks


Expanding the drinks on offer is a must in any premium pub. Customers expect variety and enjoy having the choice of trying something new. This applies to both alcoholic drinks and soft drinks as all customers want to feel catered for. Be aware of forthcoming drinks trends and think about introducing a selection of them to your bar. Show off the drinks by creating a special section and try displaying information about your ‘drink of the week’ to entice customers to your premium offerings.


Interior & Exterior Features


Your pub needs to appeal to a variety of people so think about all the little touches you can add to be sure of this. Quality furnishings, comfortable sitting areas and even the soap in your bathrooms will show your customers what they can expect. A spruce up is always beneficial and never goes unnoticed.


The exterior is the face of your business and the first thing people see. It’s got to look the part so whether it’s a lick of paint or a larger project such as beer garden or seating area renovations, try to add new features to freshen up your outdoor space. If the outside looks premium, you’re going to get more people coming through the door to experience your business.



Is There Ever an End to Premiumisation?


The simple answer is no. The offerings of a pub are continually moving and what was once premium can quickly become standard. Be adventurous and inventive in your decisions and keep in mind the long-term benefits of having a premiumisation strategy.


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