Pub Training Courses at Thwaites

25th March 2019

Everyone who runs a Thwaites pub has to complete either our TULIP or TLC course. Training takes place at our new facilities in Mellor Brook, and the courses are equally essential for people just starting out in the industry as well as those more experienced operators who want to refresh their knowledge. After completing the courses, tenants will have the information, skills and resources to help them succeed in their business.
The course agenda is sent out to delegates before it starts, to allow attendees time to prepare and think about how to get the most out of the training. When attending, delegates will get the most out of the course by being open minded and having a clear vision of how they would like to operate their business. Ideally, two delegates per pub should attend, as with the amount of information that’s presented, two heads are better to take it all in.
Both the TULIP and TLC courses are introduced by Andrew Buchanan, Director of Pubs & Brewing, providing the perfect introduction to Thwaites.


TULIP Course: An In Depth Overview to Running a Pub

The Thwaites Unique Licensee Induction Programme (TULIP) is a course for both operators who haven’t held a tenancy before, and for experienced operators who haven’t had training in some time. Over three days, the course covers a variety of subjects including support, social media, health and safety, food and drink, credit control and APLH (award for personal licence).
Participants will also complete the ABCQ cellar management qualification which is integral to the running of any pub. This takes place in our on-site replica cellar which provides a practical, hands-on learning environment.
During the course, attendees will meet people integral to Thwaites, both internal and external, to give new tenants the opportunity to start building solid partnerships. Our industry experts will be available to provide specialist knowledge and tips, and there will also be an introduction to Thwaites’ cask ale range from Head Brewer, Brian Yorston.
If a pub or agreement isn’t yet in place, as prospective tenants who are thinking about taking a pub, attendees are invited to the TULIP course on a ‘no pub, no charge’ basis.


TLC Course: Pub Training for Experienced Operators

The second course we offer is the Thwaites Licensee Connection or TLC. This course is recommended for experienced pub operators who have had a minimum of three years’ recent experience in a leased or tenanted pub.
On this one-day course, attendees will meet with the experienced Thwaites support team. It’s a great way to get to know each other and prepare for working closely in the weeks ahead. The TLC course is an effective way to refresh knowledge, and keep up-to-date with any changes in the industry.


Pub Training, Expertly Delivered

Working in partnership with CPL training, participants will receive licenced retail and hospitality guidance from a leading provider. Previous Training Manager for Thwaites, Mike Connell, who now runs his own company ‘Influential Training’, delivers the courses with his expertise and knowledge. With thirty-five years in the hospitality industry, Mike offers a wealth of insight into industry best practices.
After completing face to face training, e-learning is provided for tenants and all staff members with access to all compliance areas and a diverse range of training modules. With fifty percent of the subscription cost covered by Thwaites, the whole team can learn from this excellent developmental tool.
At Daniel Thwaites, we endeavour to improve pub tenants so they have the best skills available to make their business a success. If you’d like further information about our pub training courses, send us your enquiry and we’ll be in touch to help.
Alternatively, if you’re interested in beginning your pub journey as part of the Daniel Thwaites family, take a look at our current vacancies.