Ideas To Increase Pub Sales – Making The Most Of Your Bar

28th February 2019

For pub tenants wanting to run a profitable business, the bar area is a central point for sales, so having one that runs efficiently and is attractive to customers, is essential. To make the most of this area, build your product knowledge, learn about your customers’ preferences, and focus on your pricing as they are all integral to the set-up and success of any bar.
With 70% of pub sales’ coming from drinks, it’s the most important area to focus on and improve. Here’s how a successfully merchandised bar can improve your drinks service, and help you increase sales and profit.


Merchandising the Back Bar

Being at eye level for your customers, it’s one of the most important areas of the whole bar. It’s where you should aim to highlight both premium and popular offerings as it’s this location that gets the most attention.
Drinks in this section will mainly be spirits, but don’t forget to showcase your wines here as well. A wide range of products can provide your customers with more choice. Increasing awareness of the variety you stock can influence your customers’ behaviour to try and buy.

Display Promotions at the Till Point

The till point is usually centrally positioned making it an ideal space to highlight your promotional offers and products. It can provide you with a variety of opportunities, from promoting a specific line of products, to building awareness around a new addition to your range.
Above the till point is the most lucrative place to display a product, and with current trends in the drink industry still pointing towards gin being the best seller, showcasing an extensive gin range here makes sense. Have standard and premium options together, but place the premium options in higher positions to make them stand out and provide a quality look to your bar.


Group Drinks Together

If you have an array of brands, grouping them can be an effective way to increase sales. Separating your light and dark spirits will also help make your bar look more cohesive and make your customer’s buying experience easier with their options more visible.
For beer drinkers, have bright, attractive pumps clips and use display jars alongside to showcase the colour of the liquid. It’s a great incentive for customers to try your beers and it’s a way to further highlight your product at the front of the bar. A well-organised bar showcases variety and can encourage your customer to experiment and ultimately push your sales up.

Provide Enhancements for Your Drinks

When it comes to a complete drinks service, having quality additions such as fresh fruit, ice and garnishes on display is key. It’s yet another visual aid that can build confidence in your offering and create the promise of a great experience for your customers, nudging them into buying more.
Another good idea to try including is placing your mixers near your spirits. It provides a visual representation of what a drink will be like when all the components are together.


Effective Stock Levels & Decluttering

Knowing how your bar is trading is essential as it will allow you to play around with the layout. Track product performance so you always know how you can make improvements, such as removing slow lines from prime slots to reducing your wastage and profit losses.
Remember to remove all clutter and non-essential items because if you don’t need it behind the bar, then there’s no point to it being there. A messy bar can look unprofessional, and may put customers off buying more than one drink, or even buying the first. So keep it clean and well-organised to present your pub as a destination for a great drinking experience with quality service.
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