Is Running A Pub Right For Me?
5 Questions You Should Ask

25th January 2018

So you’ve thought about running your own pub but what’s next? If you’ve delved into the topic, you’ll know just how much information there is available, and may be wondering where you should start.


Below, we’ve put together five important questions that will help you make the most informed decision you can about whether running a pub is right for you:


Can you run a pub with no experience?


The simple answer is yes. If you’ve had experience of working in or running a pub before that’s great, but don’t worry it’s not a requirement. The most important qualities you need are dedication, determination and a passion to make your business succeed. Being a great people person and adapting yourself to work with a variety of customers is vital. Versatility is key and having knowledge about stock control and financial management, along with legal information and how you can get the best staff for your business will help you flourish and run your pub successfully.


How much money do I need to run a pub?


We recommend you have a minimum of £10,000 cash investment so that you have a solid starting point for your new pub business. Pub start-up costs differ for each property but you need to have some working capital and think about how you’ll pay for fixtures and fittings. Essentially, you’re starting your own business and you’ll need money to provide a bond, purchase stock, cover legal, training and admin fees, and also pay for your first beer order.


Can I run a pub with no experience


How to become a pub landlord?


To succeed as a pub landlord, you’ll need perseverance, time management skills and resolve. Running a pub is not a 9 to 5 job and you’ll need to be aware of the types of situations that can arise; covering shifts when a team member phones in sick, early or late deliveries, and a to-do list that’s never-ending! Taking on your own pub is a challenge but being determined and putting in the hours will help you achieve your goals.


Do I need a licence or qualifications to run a pub?


The answer is yes. You’ll have to complete Pre Entry Awareness Training – PEAT. This is an online exercise which is mandatory to complete before taking on a tenancy. This training gives an independent overview of tenancy terms across all pub companies and breweries, covered by the industry code of practice. If you want to run a pub you’ll need to have a personal licence which allows you to sell alcohol on the pub premises. The APLH (Award for Personal Licence Holders) course is run monthly at our brewery in Blackburn.



How much support will I get?


Our support team and team of area business managers at Daniel Thwaites are second to none. They are on hand to help and guide you with expertise, practical knowledge and experience, and will support you as you build your successful business. They’ll visit you once a week during the first month as you settle into your new venture and will offer business advice and marketing tips to help you thrive. Running a pub for a brewery takes a great deal of hard work but with Thwaites, you’re never alone.


If you’d like to speak to a member of our pub recruitment team, contact us here, or alternatively take a look at our current available pub opportunities.