Get To Know Your Customer And Make Your Pub A Success

22nd July 2019

Consumer habits are changing constantly, and with trends and attitudes influencing them, it’s good to be aware of how they can affect your business. Knowing when and how to target your ideal customer is essential for driving up sales and keeping your pub full of satisfied patrons. Structuring your approach with some of the following ideas can be a great way to gather essential information and market your pub to a wide range of consumers.


Three key Focus Areas

1. Value for Money – Value is a touch point that can’t be missed or taken lightly as it’s part of any decision for both regulars and visiting consumers when choosing where to spend time. Are you offering something great to your consumer? The value has to be present across all parts of your business. When it comes to your premium offering, it’s vital that it’s first class as consumers are now more willing to spend money on a premium option to get an exceptional experience. Whatever you’re offering, consumer expectations should always be met, or exceeded.
2. Consumer Experience – It’s the buzzword relevant to every aspect of your pub from your drinks range, to the customer service you offer, to the environment in your pub. Consumers are actively seeking new and exciting ways to enhance their ‘going out’ experience. Staying up-to-date and having calendared events is a great and simple way to plan these activities at your pub. Try to be broad with your experiences, so you’re not missing out on opportunities. All demographics want to spend money on life experiences, remember that.
3. Local Approach – Celebrating and championing a local business is an idea that’s increasing with communities and customers. As a tenant in the industry, you’ve got to steer clear of the impression that all pubs offer the same. Locals like to feel the individual character and features that a pub can offer. One size doesn’t fit all so tweaking and adapting needs to be a constant thought to keep the pub moving in the right direction for all your customers.


Pub Gaming Is Big

Interest in pub games is increasing and becoming more popular with consumers. Retro arcade style games are becoming more desirable, but don’t worry about the classics of darts, pool and table football, which are still popular choices. Think about your space and sectioning off a part of the pub to make it a real ‘game zone’. Playing customers appreciate the separate area as it adds to their experience.


Use Seasonal Trends To Keep Your Customers Happy

Habits can be dictated by the season, so it’s good to think ahead and plan new activity for the rise of a specific food or an exploding drink craze for example. Celebrate and market these moments as they will keep you relevant and in the thoughts of your consumers. This summer it’s all about the spritz, with its resurgence mirroring the recent gin trend with an 85% boom in 2018 which is continuing into 2019.
It’s a drink that’s not going anywhere this summer, with sales of Aperol Spritz still soaring. Keep an eye out for St Germain as well. The endless variations and flavours are popular among customers. Having a great stock behind your bar will make sure your pub has a spritz in its sales.
Craft beer is still a popular option with many varieties and microbreweries hitting the market. Consumers are looking for good quality and great tasting beer. In any Thwaites pub, there is the exclusive new beer range: Original, Amber, IPA, Gold and Dark Mild. The perfect collection of beers to try over the summer period expertly crafted and created by the Thwaites brewers.


Knowing Your Customer Inside And Out – The Key To A Successful Pub

Being consumer conscious is essential, so having excellent communication will initiate an openness with your customers and build on your relationship and trust. Anticipate any needs and aim to exceed expectations.
As both demographic groups and needs change, the key is to keep up-to-date with trends. The younger demographic is moving away from a traditional nightclub night out, and is looking for a more relaxed and experience led evening. For pubs, this means quiz nights, board game evenings, live music and open mic nights. Even families are looking for more relaxed dining and afternoon locations that have a friendly community atmosphere which a pub can offer.
Encourage public feedback as this can be a great way to find out where you can improve, and also what your customers value about your business. Monitoring and being conscious of your local area can be significant in shaping your future ideas and marketing strategies.
When it comes to discussing and improving your customers’ experiences, both self-reflection and an awareness of your business are equally as important. Taking the time to understand and adapt to the consumer market is what every pub should be doing. Your customers are the single most crucial factor to get right, so create an experience that works and trades successfully for them and for you.
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