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How To Apply

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To lease a pub with Thwaites you need to contact Mike or Rachel or get in touch.

When you lease a pub with us the process is as quick and as pain fee as possible. However, how your application progresses will depend on your circumstances, but there are certain pre-entry requirements that you must consider prior to taking a tenancy;

Complete a pre-entry training exercise PEAT via the BII

An online course mandatory for anyone taking a first time substantive tenancy/ lease

Gain a personal licence

You will need to sit the APLH courses (The Award for personal license holders). A course is run monthly at the brewery by our training partner Influential (click here for dates). Courses are also run across the UK by training companies, colleges and local councils.

Consider finance

To lease a pub you need money. You need funds to invest in your new business; the bigger the business, the more finance you will need. Start-up costs include a bond, wet and dry stock, legal and training costs, and an initial beer order. Your will also need additional funds for working capital and you will need to consider payment for fixtures and fittings.

The above requirements are important if you want to lease a pub with us. Our team are always on hand to provide advice and guidance through the process to ensure that when you lease a pub with Thwaites, it is with ease and without delay.


Run your own pub with Thwaites

Running your own pub can be both a rewarding business and great lifestyle opportunity. When you run a pub with Thwaites you have the freedom to operate the business in your own way, but have the assurance of our award winning support. We are here to help and guide you with as little or as much on-going support as you want; we understand that the key to our and your success is to allow you to run your own business.

We are true our word, in that if we say we will do something we will! We don’t believe in sales pitches, false pretences and jargon, we are upfront and here to help. When you run a pub with Thwaites your area manager is always at hand as we are committed to your success.

Thwaites is a family business full of history. As a family business we have spent over 200 years building our pub estate and trust our business partners to look after our wide range of pubs. From community locals to food pubs, based in lovely rural settings to town centres and suburban locations, our wide range of pubs means we offer the perfect opportunity to run a pub for all types of landlords.

We offer on-going training, clear and transparent agreements, heavy investment in your property and the individual support you need to run a pub successfully. Together with you, we build profitable and sustainable businesses for the long term. So if you want to run a pub together with a multiple award winning business, make a “quick enquiry” today.